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  • The Student is….

    The most important person at

    Without students, there would be no need for our positions.

    ….not a
    cold enrollment statistic,

    But a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our

    …not someone to be tolerated so we can do our thing.

    The student
    is our thing.


    Effectively teach courses in traditional, blended, and
    online formats. Assess student learning, develop curriculum, serve as course coordinator for assigned courses, advise students, and complete
    other assignments that enable the department to achieve its purposes and advance the mission of Marion Technical College (the


    1. Respond to inquiries from students,
      College employees, and customers while maintaining standards of confidentiality and privacy, in a timely manner. Maintain confidentiality in
      accordance with the College, FERPA, HIPAA, student records, and any other protected documentation.
    2. Teach technical courses in
      accordance with course objectives, the established syllabus, the schedule of classes, and other College and program requirements in a
      classroom/laboratory/clinical setting over the course of an academic year. Participate in on-going evaluation and continuous improvement of
      curricula and course content; evaluate student learning and outcomes.
    3. Demonstrate ability to network and promote programs within the
      nursing community, develop clinical education relationships, and possess exceptional organizational skills to manage and continue
      development of the program.
    4. Monitor clinical activities on behalf of the academic program and in coordination with academic and
      clinical faculty. Report and update any issues to proper department administration. Actively engage clinical instructors in clinical
      education planning, implementation, and assessment. 
    5. Assess clinical education needs, and patient and client teaching needs,
      utilizing a variety of methods. Supervise students’ laboratory, classroom, and clinical work. Complete student clinical evaluations as
      required for each term.
    6. Evaluate students’ performance, in cooperation with other faculty, to assess and improve learning. Determine
      ability to integrate classroom and clinical learning experiences to progress within the course of study. 
    7. Serve as faculty with
      academic, service, and scholarship responsibilities consistent with the mission and philosophy of the academic program. Demonstrate
      competence in clinical education, teaching, assessment of learning, and curriculum development. Demonstrate expertise, enthusiasm, and
      creativity in teaching which produces an environment where learning and self-improvement occur. 
    8. Provide all forms of instruction to
      meet objectives and student learning needs corresponding to the level and content of the courses being taught. Prepare and update assigned
      course syllabi on a regular basis. Maintain accurate records of grades, attendance, etc. Make periodic reviews of literature and implement
      supplemental teaching aids.
    9. Serve as course coordinator for courses as assigned. Coordinate and provide curricular materials to
      assigned adjunct faculty. Effectively communicate and organize curricular materials with adjunct faculty members. Prepare course materials
      including teaching notes, handouts, quizzes, exams and any other supplemental teaching materials. Prepare activities for the student
      laboratory experience, in accordance with course syllabi. Mentor adjunct faculty.
    10. Participate in accreditation activities through
      Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Ohio Board of Nursing, and other accrediting bodies.
      Assist with program assessment measures, analysis of results and implementation of results.
    11. Participate in the Strategic Planning
      Process with the nursing department and the College. Utilize the process model of assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, and
      evaluation within the nursing technology to provide quality and continuous improvement and updating in the nursing curriculum. Work with
      peer faculty in assessment and continuous improvement of program curricula and courses, including course updating, development, and
    12. Advise and assist students with scheduling and registration for successful course degree completion. Advise students on
      academic and vocational curricula and career issues. Assist students with registration.
    13. Assist in the development and implementation
      of policies and procedures and develop faculty instructional schedules in accordance with College policy. 
    14. Work with College faculty
      and administration in seeking and writing grant applications that provide funds for course and program development and enhancement,
      equipment, and other areas assigned.
    15. Meet instructional classroom schedules at the facility and off-campus clinical sites, as
      needed. Teach lecture, clinical component, and/or laboratory courses and operate laboratory equipment. 
    16. Establish and monitor safety
      practices within the classroom, laboratory, and at clinical sites. Prepare activities for the student laboratory experience as assigned and
      in accordance with course syllabi.
    17. Engage in the assessment of community and regional educational needs and assist the department in
      meeting those needs consistent with the College mission and department purposes. Recruit and mentor adjunct faculty, as assigned;
      willingness to supervise Teaching Assistants. 
    18. Abide by Ohio Board of Nursing, Chapter 4723.5.19: “Responsibilities of faculty
      teaching a nursing course” and Chapter 4723.5.20: “Responsibilities of faculty, teaching assistants and preceptors in a clinical
    19. Create and pursue a plan for professional development to keep pace with changes and advances in teaching, learning, and in
      one’s technical specialty. Willingness to dedicate and commit to pursue continuing education, which may include higher educational degrees
      and/or certifications, and advance current knowledge of and practice in the discipline.
    20. Maintain and make available a current
      schedule to accommodate student learning and advising needs, including office hours, on- and off-campus meetings, classes, etc. in
      accordance with the annual faculty service days’ schedule. Flexibility to meet academic classroom schedules at on- and off-campus
    21. Maintain user proficiency for software programs, systems, and databases used by the College. 
    22. Maintain liaison with
      colleagues in other institutions and actively participate in professional associations. Attend on- or off-campus College meetings and serve
      on departmental and College committees as assigned.


    This position is
    expected to instruct a minimum of 15.00 workload hours per week for fall and spring terms. 


    Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited college or university required, Master’s degree preferred.
    Unencumbered Registered Nurse license though the Ohio Board of Nursing / State of Ohio and minimum of two years in the practice of nursing
    as a Registered Nurse required. Must have completed an approved registered nursing education program in a jurisdiction as defined in
    paragraph (R) of rule 4723-5-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Experience teaching in higher education, knowledge of educational methods
    and prevailing accreditation and certification procedures highly desired. Exhibit excellent English, communication, and composition writing
    skills. Proficiency in Microsoft® Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) with excellent computer and related technology
    skills required. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and complete projects with minimal direction and oversight. Willingness to
    work an irregular schedule as assigned. Must have and maintain the ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen prior to
    and after employment. Valid driver’s license or dependable transportation required. Smart phone required to allow access to MFA-protected


    This position is classified as Faculty and will teach
    in a wide range of educational venues to provide quality instruction to a diverse student population for the college, primarily in a
    classroom or office setting. Further information may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.


    Any other duties deemed appropriate may be assigned – The duties and responsibilities defined above are not an
    all-inclusive list, but a general summary of typical duties. Individuals in this position may be asked to perform a wide range of related
    tasks, within the scope of their education or certification, to ensure that the highest levels of educational services are provided. We all
    share the responsibility of doing whatever is required to make Marion Technical College a great place to be – for an education and for a


    Submit a cover letter, resume/vita, and three professional references
    for the position; a single PDF file with all required application materials is preferred in the “attach/upload resume section” of the


    All faculty and adjunct faculty positions require the applicant to
    submit unofficial transcripts for all post-secondary education degree in the “attach other documents section” of the application.  If the
    position requires a licensure or certification, the applicant is required to submit a copy in the “attach other documents section” of the

    Marion Technical College is an equal opportunity employer.  

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