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San Francisco, California, This is a part time role is a limited appointment for 2 years. The UCSF Department of Surgery is recruiting for a Clinical Research Nurse to manage several clinical trials in the Division of Transplant, with a primary focus on islet transplantation for treatment of diabetes. The primary clinial trial for which the Clinical Research Nurse will be responsible for is a single-center, open label, non-randomized safety and efficacy trial to evaluate co-transplantation of allogeneic parathyroid glands (PTG) with adult pancreatic islets (both PTG and pancreatic islets obtained from same deceased donor) in people with Type 1 diabetes in the intramuscular (IM) site with stable function of liver or kidney allografts on chronic immunosuppression (PARADIGM). The PARADIGM trial is under the direction of the principal investigator (PI) Peter Stock, MD, PhD. The primary objective is to test the hypothesis that co-transplantation of allogeneic PTG with adult pancreatic islets (derived from same deceased donor) in the IM site in people with Type 1 diabetes with functioning kidney and/or liver transplants is safe, allows islet engraftment, and leads to insulin independence. Although the Principal Investigator, Dr. Stock, is ultimately accountable for the performance of the clinical trial, the Clinical Research Nurse will be charged with the comprehensive management and the day-to-day oversight and execution of this clinical study (PARADIGM). The Clinical Research Nurse will interface between the PARADIGM team and the respective solid organ transplant team to monitor function and provide the necessary work-up and intervention for any evidence of allograft dysfunction. The Clinical Research Nurse will review enrollment criteria with the UCSF kidney/pancreas/liver teams and identify potential recipients with Type 1 diabetes and stable kidney and liver allograft function. Each patient will be evaluated by clinical team and the Clinical Research Nurse to verify eligibility based on inclusion/exclusion criteria. The consent will be reviewed at the time of the screening visit. Eligible recipients will be added to the UNOS waiting list as per current processes already in place for pancreas and islet transplant. Concurrently, the Research Nurse will assist with other clinical trials in the division of Transplant as may be need by the department. These trials include clinical trials involving kidney and liver transplantation. In addition to the clinical activities outlined in each of the protocols (perioperative and postoperative), the RN will assist with administrative aspects relevant to the clinical trial such as the IRB, consent forms, relevant SOPs, CRFs, etc. The Clinical Research Nurse will also serve as a liaison between the study team and the clinical coordinators who manage the kidney and liver transplant recipients. The communication between the study team and the solid organ transplant team is essential to assure coordination of immunosuppression as well as recognition of any deterioration in liver or kidney allograft function. Study management responsibilities for the Research Nurse include: Direct care and the coordination of care for patients enrolled in clinical studies; Compliance with applicable regulation regarding clinical research and the protection of human subject; Screening, consenting, and enrolling patients in clinical studies; Management of research resources, including biologics, biospecimens, data; Maintenance of Essential Documents for clinical trials; Recruitment of patients to clinical studies; Optimizing workflow for clinical studies, including direction of Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) in clinical setting; Reviewing expenses charged to clinical studies. The Research Nurse maintains effective relationships across broad swath study contributors, including: patients and families of patients; physicians, nurses, and administrators from multiple clinical services; CRCs; clinical laboratory staff; basic scientists; and internal and external regulatory bodies. The duties assigned to this position involve complex decision-making with respect to patient safety, patient care, and quality assurance issues, underpinned by observational, analytical, and clinical skill. The final salary and offer components are subject to additional approvals based on UC policy. To see the salary range for this position (we recommend that you make a note of the job code and use that to look up): TCS Non-Academic Titles Search ( Please note: An offer will take into consideration the experience of the final candidate AND the current salary level of individuals working at UCSF in a similar role. For roles covered by a bargaining unit agreement, there will be specific rules about where a new hire would be placed on the range. To learn more about the benefits of working at UCSF, including total compensation, please visit:

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